Q&A – Equiknoxx

Ganz ehrlich. ISLAND VIBES #41 mit Equiknoxx und Dancehall Massakrah. Gibt es da wirklich noch Fragen?


Finden wir auch. 


1. What are your expectations of ISLAND VIBES?

 Gavsborg: A sober, well behaved & seated crowd… hahaha jokes, we expect a group of people who have come out to dance and have a jolly good time!

2. What can the ISLAND VIBES crowd expect from you?

 Gavsborg: Lots of good vibes, Equiknoxx style, Time Cow may even remove his shirt while on stage and show the crowd his furry neon green hat.

 3. Which Tune can’t be missing in your playlist?

 Gavsborg: Busy Signal – Step Out

 4. Have you ever played a show together with Dancehall Masak-Rah?

Gavsborg: Yea, we’ve played two whopping shows before.

5. In your opinion, who is the most underrated artist?

Gavsborg: Well that is a daily thought there are so many of them, but this morning I listened to Singer by the name of Duane Stephenson and thought that more people should dig into his tunes.

6. And who is the best upcoming artist?

Gavsborg: Also, like most underrated artist, this is a constantly changing thought as they are so many coming up who are so good, but currently today my feeling of who is best on the come up is “Deep Jahi“.

7. Who is your favorite european Artist?

Gavsborg: It is also hard to say as I admire so many, but the last one that I enjoyed listening to, was in August this year when I discovered an artiste called Dr. Ring Ding, who sings in foundation dancehall style on both dancehall and Ska Rhythms and sings about Polish Vodka.

8. What was the biggest moment in your sounds history?

 Gavsborg: Biggest, I couldn’t decide but the most special moment for me so far is to hear Busy Signal’s – Step out in about 2006, play at Stone Love’s anniversary, it was a heart to heart moment with myself and the speakers & for those 2 minutes of my life…….nothing else existed.

9. Which was the best country you have ever played?

Gavsborg: So far I have had the most fun in Poland, Warsaw to be exact and to be even more exact, it was at Dancehall Masak-Rah’s anniversary party at the Parking Bar in 2013.

10. Have you ever heard about „Grüne Soße“?

Gavsborg: Never heard of it.


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