Q&A – Dancehall Masak-Rah

Teil 2 des “wir haben, ganz ehrlich, noch Fragen an unsere Gäste” Q&As für die nächste ISLAND VIBES #41 mit Equiknoxx und Dancehall Masak-Rah.

Hier sind die Antworten von Dancehall Masak-Rah.

1. What are your expectations of ISLAND VIBES?

Paweł: At ISLAND VIBES dance I expect to meet many beautiful happy people who want to party like there’s no tomorrow.

2. What can the ISLAND VIBES crowd expect from you?

Paweł: I am a bonafide party animal myself so whenever I play it’s straight vibes with lots of energy.

 3. Which Tune can’t be missing in your playlist?

 Paweł: This year if I don’t play Vybz Kartel “Pound Of Chicken” I am not going home, after all in that tune he Djs “People National Party, Jamaican Labour Party, di Marcus Garvey Party but me a vote fi di pool party!

 4. Have you ever played a show together with Equiknoxx?

Paweł: We played with Equiknoxx 3 years ago, it was Masak-Rah 5th anniversary and it was an epic party. Equiknoxx crew are our good friends, we even named our pub in Warsaw after them!

5. In your opinion, who is the most underrated artist?

Paweł: It has been years since I wonder why Assassin aka Agent Sasco is not getting justice when it comes to the ratings. His video for “Stronger” with riddim laid by Raging Fyah is great and I wonder why it didn’t get million views yet?!

6. And who is the best upcoming artist?

Paweł: I must say Devin Di Dakta and Shokryme in Dancehall and the band called EarthKry in Reggae.

7. Who is your favorite european Artist?

Paweł: No doubt it is Gentleman! I just saw his MTV Unplugged show in September and it was another spectacular very well prepared show. The man is full of vibes and genuine after over 20 years in business. Truly outstanding artist.

8. What was the biggest moment in your sounds history?

Paweł: Probably our biggest moment was when we went to play in India, had no idea what to expect and we mash up the place.

9. Which was the best country you have ever played?

Paweł: We love all the countries where we ever played.

10. Have you ever heard about „Grüne Soße“?

Paweł: In a way local in a way global, if everybody start to use it there will be peace in the world!


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