Q&A – Ride Di Vibes


Nach Booking-Ausflügen in den Osten, steht nun der Westen an. Mit dem Number One Sound Ride Di Vibes aus Paris kommt die Haut Couture der französischen Dancehall ins Orange Peel.

Wenn sie gerade nicht den größten Dance in Paris beschallen, sind sie auf Festivals unterwegs, machen Dubsessions und kreieren abwechslungsreiche Artistmixtapes wie zuletzt mit Shenseea.
Zusammen mit Free Roots Sound werden sie das Orange Peel zum Beben bringen.

Thias und Tom haben uns Rede und Antwort gestanden:

What are your expectations of ISLAND VIBES?
Thias: have a lot of fun, a real connexion with the crowd, and see who leap a girl dancing on our selections !
Tom: play music & having fun with a lot of people, discover a new city, meet a new sound and a new party for me.

What can the ISLAND VIBES crowd expect from you?
Thias: A proper english accent? lol
Tom: entertainment first, proper juggling with hits songs

Dubplate or regular tunes?
Thias : i m a real warhead, so i would say Dubplates…!
Tom : both, mostly regular for a party… it depends on what the crowd expect from us at the end of the night “anything can happen” 🙂

What was the biggest moment in your sounds history?
Thias : When i played for the first time in jamaica on 2013
Tom : my second clash, in Paris 2015, “Paris Brule-t-il?” Bare vibes and hot temperature on this boat, what a night !

Best reggae artist of all time?
Thias: Tom gonna say Beres so… I have to find an other one lol I don’t want to tell you Jacob or Dennis cause even if its true, it’s not really original … so i’m gonna say Barrington Levy.
Tom: It’s hard to give only one name… I would say Beres, Thias said it already… To me Garnett Silk had a wonderful voice too !

Best upcoming Jamaican reggae artist?
Thias : Shenseea !!!!
Tom : Samory I, to me and many others, best reggae album 2017.

Which new tune is getting the most forwards in Paris right now?
Thias: Yeah Yeah (Aidonia)
Tom: last Friday I got money pull up on “Infared” (Masicka ft Vybz Kartel) and “Krayzay” (Aidonia)

Name 5 reasons to visit Paris
Thias : Woman, Woman, Woman, Woman & Wine
Tom :
– Beauty (of the history, buildings etc)
– Shops, Because I know tourists are really in fond of it
– Culture (Food, nights, music…)
– Obviously Women… most different and beautiful same way.
– generally people… because Paris is a big big capital where you can meet new nice people every days … like our team for example 😉

Name three german stereotypes/ prejudices against germans
Thias : Hard to satisfied, Ruff inna dance, they don’t know the good rum lol
Tom : yes I agree, the only rum I saw in Berlin was Captain morgan and that’s not rum, this year we had to bring ours so… it’s a bad point.
I would say … “curry wurst” and generally the “Wurst” is kinda strange
And to be more serious crowd could be hard to satisfy, especially for soundclash, here it’s not the case but it’s a pleasure to give our best in a foreign country, thanks Island vibes once again.

La or le baguette?
La baguette 😂


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