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Wie bringt man einen der meist gebuchten DJs mit einem der talentiertesten MCs Hollands, wenn nicht gar Europas, gemeinsam als Team auf die ISLAND VIBES ?

DJ WaxFiend und Maikal X sind Jamrock Sound – über Jahre hinweg rockten sie gemeinsam Amsterdam in Grund und Boden. Mit der Partyreihe JamrockXXL haben sie Dancehall, Reggae und Hiphop Kultur in Holland geprägt wie niemand sonst. WaxFiend spielt dann auch mal nebenher als Opener vor Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Kaytranada, Sean Paul, Kehlani, Young Thug und vielen anderen. Produziert mit Artist wie Busy Signal, Assassin and Gappy Ranks und schraubt an Mixtapes.
Maikal X – Artist und MC. Als Artist bekannt durch den Hit „Bear With Me“, produdziert durch den jamaikanischen Top Producer Don Corleon. Maikal X ist aber deutlicher mehr als nur ein ausgezeichneter Sänger – er gilt als einer der besten MCs in Holland.
Beide in Kombination bringen den Sound der Welt, den Sound aus Amsterdam direkt ins Orange Peel. Macht euch bereit für eine weitere legendäre Episode ISLAND VIBES!

DJ WAXFIEND stand uns Rede und Antwort:

What are your expectations of ISLAND VIBES?
Mad crazy caribbean dancehall vibes!

And what can they expect from you?
Haha exactly the same! Nice tunes, good mixes, maybe a few exclusives here and there. But mostly we are coming to party with the frankfurt massive!

Which Tune can’t be missing in your playlist?
Pfff so many. That new Voicemail tune, Aidonia’s Yeah yeah but i really cant leave out kartels Mm Hmm.

When did you start to play dancehall Partys and how did you met each other and decided to play as Jamrock sound?
Started playing dancehall parties about 15 years ago in Amsterdam. There was not really abig dancehall scene back then and it’s was really underground but that gave me inspiration to make it bigger. Me and Maikal met through a wicked dj/producer called DJ Precise. I was a 17 year old kid sneaking into clubs at first. When i started making mixtapes i gave them to dj’s who played there and Precise was one of them. He kinda took me under his wing and learned me a lot about how to listen to music, seperate the BS from actual good and progressive music and appreciate rawness and realness. He was in a crew called Amo-Lab and Maikal (Shyrock back then) was part of that crew. We met and i always used to bring new 45”s from the record shop i was working at to the studio. We liked each other vibe and just hit it off. He was hosting at a lot of events where i played as a upcoming dj in amsterdam and i loved his style. When i started working on an event called Jamrock it wasonly logical that he would be the mc. It was never our goal to start a sound, but ppl started to see us as a soundsystem because of the events.

And what is the best to work with each other?
The best way?? To just be in a good vibe and let that lead the way. We dont really prepare our sets, might be a few tunes that we would be like ‘we have to play this one’ but that’s it.

What is the most impressive performance you remember?
Pffff soooo many. But i’d say the first time we went to play in Las Vegas together and the amount of love we received from the crowd there.. the girls jumping on stage and the crazy energy. That stayed with me

Best reggae artist of all time?
Maikal X

Why is dancehall in Amsterdam so special?
Is it?? haha i think we have our own way of consuming and presenting the music. Adam is a melting pot of a lot of different cultures and we have a lotta surinamese and antillian people who live here. And even though pure jamaican dancehall is not the biggest things in those countries, that sound and riddim is all mixed into their music. So it’s very easy for people to identify with the music, culture, food etc. And musically wise especially the bogle beat is kinda our unofficial anthem.

Besides that Holland has a very strong and lively electronic music scene. This rubbed off on dancehall culture as well, for instance the cleaner way of mixing or the production level of the events. And production wise as well, hard hitting drum compressions or certain way of arranging.

Which new tune is getting the most forwards in Amsterdam right now?
International thats still Yeah Yeah. But Kalibwoy’s and Angelo King’s tune “Don Dada” is mashing up the dances here!

DelaMove or WataPumpee?


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